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Puri Mancebo

Puri Mancebo

(+34) 674 18 28 44

Winery with a large production capacity and 3 ha of vineyards.

Mendoza Area



Information about the winery under confidentiality agreement.

Infographic of the Denomination of Origin

DO Maipú


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  • Total area:

    4 ha10 ac

  • Winery area:

    1.500 m216.146 ft2

  • Maximum production capacity:

    1.700.000 l

  • Planted vineyard:


Vineyard characteristics

  • Vineyard area:

    3 ha7 ac

Climate characteristics

  • Altitude of vineyards:

    Min: 680m
    Max: 930m
    Min: 2.231ft
    Max: 3.051ft
  • Annual rainfall:

    200 l/m22.153 l/ft2

DO Maipú
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