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3 Wineries and Vineyards for sale in DO Leon

Wineries with 18 hectares of vineyards
Wineries with 18 hectares of vineyards

Winery south of León outside DO.

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Boutique winery with centuries-old vines
Boutique winery with centuries-old vines

Castilla Leon

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Winery on the Camino de Santiago specialized in events and weddings.
Winery on the Camino de Santiago specialized in events and weddings.

Castilla León

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Infographic of the Denomination of Origin

DO Leon
  • D.O. year of foundation:


  • Number of wineries (2017):


  • Total surface area:

    1.358 ha3.356 ac

  • Maximum production allowed:

    8.000 kg/ha7.137 lb/ac

  • Altitude of the vineyards:

    Min: 500m

    Max: 900m

    Min: 1.641ft

    Max: 2.953ft

  • Temperature:

    Min: -15º

    Max: 30º

    Min: 5°F

    Max: 86°F

  • Yearly hours of sun:


  • Yearly rainfall:

    500 l/m246 l/ft2

DO Leon

Location and History

The production area is located south of the province of León, integrating part of the province of Valladolid and bordering the provinces of Zamora and Palencia. The surface of the production area amounts to 3,317 km2.

Historically, if we go back to Roman times, the southern area of León served as a transit point for travelers who frequented the 2 major routes that cross the production area of Tierra de León: La Ruta de la Plata and El Camino de Santiago. Thus, this area later became the wine supplier for practically the entire northern area of the Iberian Peninsula. In the tenth century, one of the greatest economic sources were the vineyards and, as in the rest of the Peninsula, the monasteries were what made possible the resurgence of viticulture in the area. In the Middle Ages, the vine acquired the category of traditional cultivation throughout the region. Later, from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the vineyards continued to progress until the appearance of phylloxera in 1887, which cut this upward progression in the bud until around the 1920s. It was not until 1985 when a group of cooperatives and wineries belonging to the area between Valdevimbre , Los Oteros and Cea, began the first steps to achieve the Denomination of Origin for their wines. Finally, in 2007, the Designation of Origin was recognized.

It is common in the Leonese landscape to see the multitude of cave cellars, subjected to popular architecture, consisting of spaces excavated in small hills or promontories of clay soil, taking advantage of the unevenness and forming galleries. Inside, the ideal micro-climate is created, the low subsoil temperatures that have allowed the production of the famous sparkling wine of this land with a wine-growing tradition. The particularity of this Land that differentiates it from other wine-growing areas in the world is, without a doubt, its native Prieto Picudo variety.


In general, the DO León has soils suitable for vineyard cultivation since they are all located below 900 m. of altitude, settled on alluvial terraces.

Both the brown ones on stony deposits, and the limestone ones on soft materials, have characteristics that mean that they can be considered the most suitable for the cultivation of quality vineyards, and proof of this is that the great designations of origin of Castilla y León mostly settle on this type of soil.

They are soils with excellent internal drainage conditions, with an acceptable water retention capacity, ease of aeration and root penetrability, low content of mineral salts, depth, adequate limestone content and poverty in organic matter.


As the geographical scope of the DO León mention is quite broad, and covers the area of influence of two banks; Esla and Cea, is situated under the broad context of the Mediterranean climatic domain in its cold variant.

Although the influence of the Atlantic and the North should soften its temperatures and make rainfall abundant, the high altitude of the plateau where it is located and the edge of the mountainous relief of the Cantabrian mountain range modify the climatic characteristics, giving rise to a strong continentality. The most notable climatic features are:


A rigorous and prolonged winter period during which persistent fog and frost occur, although at no time do the absolute minimum temperatures in the coldest months exceed -15º C (winter limit temperature for vine cultivation).

An irregular spring period, alternating mild temperatures with the dreaded spring frosts, in no way being a limiting factor for vine cultivation.

An irregular summer period, alternating hot and arid periods with cold ones that give the calculation a mild character, with the average temperature of the warmest months always being above 20º C (necessary for the flowering and veraison period of the vine).

A mild and generally rainy autumn that favors a good final ripening.

Extreme temperatures between day and night. Conditioning and favorable factor for the accumulation of grape polyphenols and the enhancement of aromas.


Average annual rainfall around 500 mm, distributed during the summer and autumn periods. This means that vine cultivation in the area does not require irrigation except in some isolated years.


High luminosity in the area, with an average of 2,700 hours of sunshine per year, which favors uniform ripening of the berry.

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Rimontgó Wineries

Rimontgó Wineries

Rimontgó Wineries, has more than a decade of experience in selling wineries in Spain and has a small but complete team of experts including an oenologist, an agricultural engineer, people trained in winery management and export managers of large winery groups, who have accumulated invaluable experience in selling wineries, and also in the analysis and assessment of soils, vineyards, facilities, machinery, in the techniques of winemaking and its national marketing or export.

Rimontgó Wineries is part of Rimontgó, a family business founded in 1959 in Jávea, specialised in offering quality real estate services to clients all over the world. It has the best selection of luxury properties for sale, mainly in Valencia and the Costa Blanca, as well as other investment assets in the main Spanish cities.

With a marked international character, both in terms of its clientele and its scope, Rimontgó has a renowned reputation in its sector. Rimontgó is recognised by its clients and by its colleagues as an honest, professional company with ethical principles demonstrated for more than 60 years, which makes its experience and dedication to the client the basis of an excellent service.

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