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4 Wineries and Vineyards for sale in DOC Rioja

Hotel with cellar for sale in La Rioja.
Hotel with cellar for sale in La Rioja.

Small-size hotel dating back to the 17th century with ancient cellar for wine storage in La Rioja.

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Stately hotel for sale in La Rioja.
Stately hotel for sale in La Rioja.

Manor-style hotel located in La Rioja, the heart of the Spanish wine.

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Winery for sale in the Rioja Alavesa region.
Winery for sale in the Rioja Alavesa region.

Winery with a production capacity of 500.000 litres located in the Rioja Alta wine region.

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Winery in Rioja for sale.
Winery in Rioja for sale.

DOC Rioja

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Infographic of the Denomination of Origin

DOC Rioja
  • D.O. year of foundation:


  • Number of wineries (2017):


  • Total surface area:

    63.137 ha156.012 ac

  • Maximum production allowed:

    6.500 kg/ha5.799 lb/ac

  • Altitude of the vineyards:

    Min: 350m

    Max: 650m

    Min: 1.148ft

    Max: 2.133ft

  • Temperature:

    Min: -4º

    Max: 38º

    Min: 25°F

    Max: 100°F

  • Yearly hours of sun:


  • Yearly rainfall:

    400 l/m24.306 l/ft2

DOC Rioja


La Rioja is home to the largest number of wineries in Spain: 600 firms shared out amongst 63,593 hectares of vineyard around the upper course of the river Ebro. The geographic accidents of the area have contributed to defining a very well-marked out and differentiated natural region from those that surround it. Despite the name that it receives, the DO covers sub-areas of Álava and Navarra which also benefit from a large vine tradition. The history of the region is accredited, at least, from the Roman era. Having been affected by the phylloxera plague that struck Spain supposed, in the end, a large impulse for the expansion and modernisation of the industry in the area. So much so, that it was the first Spanish region to achieve the DO (1925) and, now, it is one of the only two (alongside Priorat) with the Qualified Designation of Origin (DOCa).


Located in both margins of the river Ebro, we find ourselves in a privileged area for the cultivation of the vine. The soil presents a balanced structure (sand, silt, and clay), is slightly alkaline, low in organic matter, and with moderate water availability in summer. On the whole, the DO possesses strong sediment diversity (clayey limestone, ferrous clay and alluvials) which give the wines very interesting characteristics in taste.


All of the area benefits from the mixing of two such opposing climates as the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, which provides soft temperatures and yearly rainfall of something beyond 440 l/m2.  This involves suitable conditions for the development of the vine. In turn, there are also small varieties of cultivation depending on the microclimates, which are to do with the different orientation of the vineyard or the wind protection system.


Considered native to La Rioja, the Tempranillo grape is the most characteristic variety of this DO and occupies 75% of crops. There is also Garnacha Tinta, Mazuelo, Graciano and Maturana Tinta, whose sizes are expertly blended by the winery owners in order to produce young wines, crianzas, reservas and grandes reservas, much of the time aging in oak. Although the area is emphasised for its red wines, Viura is the main white variety, and there is also Malvasia, Garnacha Blanca, Tempranillo Blanco, Maturana Blanca, and Turruntés. As for international wines, there is Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Verdejo. The majority of the wineries use their own formulas to blend, as well as opting for innovation, with excellent results in this decade.

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Rimontgó Wineries

Rimontgó Wineries

Rimontgó Wineries, has more than a decade of experience in selling wineries in Spain and has a small but complete team of experts including an oenologist, an agricultural engineer, people trained in winery management and export managers of large winery groups, who have accumulated invaluable experience in selling wineries, and also in the analysis and assessment of soils, vineyards, facilities, machinery, in the techniques of winemaking and its national marketing or export.

Rimontgó Wineries is part of Rimontgó, a family business founded in 1959 in Jávea, specialised in offering quality real estate services to clients all over the world. It has the best selection of luxury properties for sale, mainly in Valencia and the Costa Blanca, as well as other investment assets in the main Spanish cities.

With a marked international character, both in terms of its clientele and its scope, Rimontgó has a renowned reputation in its sector. Rimontgó is recognised by its clients and by its colleagues as an honest, professional company with ethical principles demonstrated for more than 60 years, which makes its experience and dedication to the client the basis of an excellent service.

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