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Infographic of the Denomination of Origin

Valle del Itata
  • Total surface area:

    10.000 ha24.710 ac

  • Altitude of the vineyards:

    Min: 200m

    Max: 700m

    Min: 656ft

    Max: 2.297ft

  • Temperature:

    Min: 6º

    Max: 23º

    Min: 43°F

    Max: 73°F

  • Yearly rainfall:

    1.107 l/m211.916 l/ft2


In the Chilean province of Itata, belonging to the Ñuble region, is located the designation of origin Valle del Itata. The capital of this province is the city of Quirihue. In this designation of origin, there are currently around 7,200 hectares dedicated to vine cultivation of the approximately 7,400 hectares that can be found throughout the province dedicated to the same type of cultivation.


The vine cultivation of this province goes back about 400 years ago, thanks to the small estates that produced wine for family consumption. Nowadays, some of these estates can be found far and wide of this province and due to their small-scale farming, way of working and orography we can say that this is the Chilean Galicia. On the other hand, several wine producers are dedicated to vine cultivation with the aim of selling the grapes to the wineries and large-scale businesses without having to produce wines by themselves.

It is worth mentioning that this region, together with the Biobío region, is considered as the cradle of grape production in the country, as the introduction of the grapes in 1548 came from the priest Francisco de Carabantes in the area of the Talcahuano bay, within close proximity to the city of Concepción, located between the province of Itata and the region of Biobío. But in this region is where the Mapuches stopped the Spanish conquer, this forced the Chilean viticulture to expand to the north.

Thanks to the good weather conditions of Chile, we can find a wide variety of organic and biodynamic high-quality wines. Within these organic wines, it can be included the “pipeños”, considered traditional wines elaborated with traditional grapes.


The varieties with more presence in this province are Chardonnay and Muscat of Alexandría as for the white wines and for the red wines, País and Cabernet Sauvignon. Other cultivated varieties in the province of Itata include Merlot, Alicante Bouschet, Carménère and Sémillon. With regards to the wineries, we cannot forget the activity of businesses such as Viña Chillán, Viña Männle, Viña Santa Berta, Viña Casanueva, Lomas de Llahuen, Pandolfi Price, Bandido Neira, Viña del Alba, Tierra de Arrau and Casas de Giner.


As it happens with other bordering regions, in the province of Itata stand out the touristic attractions related to nature and landscape. Therefore, we can find interesting points such as the Ñuble National Reserve, located in the crossing to the busy Termas de Chillán, less than 100 km from the capital of the province, Quirihue. With 75,000 hectares of extension, this reserve has enjoyed the distinction since 1978. Among the fauna that visitors may observe are endangered species such as the huemul or Andean deer, the member of this species located in the southernmost place on the planet. This reserve has a camping site, baths in thermal waters and the possibility to go hiking or horseback riding.

Another place visited by nature lovers is the Huemul Lagoon, located in the Andes at an altitude of 2,000 metres. This lagoon is formed by the water from the thawing of the snow accumulated during the winter months in this area, so the recommendation is to visit the lagoon from the month of November until the first snows begin to fall.

Salto del Itata is the last point of interest that we want to mention. An impressive waterfall of 75 meters high framed in a natural space of great interest for the local fauna and flora.

D.O./Valle (wine regions)

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