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Chilean island in the Pacific
Chilean island in the Pacific

Patagonia, Chile.

35.000.000$ USD
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Infographic of the Denomination of Origin

Valle Bío Bío and southern valleys
  • Total surface area:

    2.200 ha5.436 ac

  • Altitude of the vineyards:

    Min: 100m

    Max: 400m

    Min: 328ft

    Max: 1.312ft

  • Temperature:

    Min: 6º

    Max: 23º

    Min: 43°F

    Max: 73°F

  • Yearly rainfall:

    1.276 l/m213.735 l/ft2

Bío Bío

The traditional production of table wine in the Biobío region has been complemented in recent rears by a firm commitment to obtaining quality wines thanks to varieties such as Pinot Noir. The Biobío valley is a subregion of the wine region of southern Chile with two wine areas that correspond to two municipalities. On the one hand, the wine area of Yumbel is comprised by Yumbel and Laja and, on the other hand, the wine area of Mulchén, is formed by Nacimiento and Negrete.


Traditionally, Valle de Biobío, the designation included in the province of the same name, was considered the border with the Southern Zone, an area that wasn’t considerate fully appropriate for the wine culture activity, subsequent facts have proved the contrary. Even in recent times a new Chilean wine region has been expanded, Zona Austral (Southernmost Zone) further south, with the valleys of Cautín and Osorno.

Biobío has become one of the most specialised Chilean areas in the production of table wine, together with the neighbouring designation of origin Valle del Itata thanks to the cultivation of traditional vines such as País or Muscat. The table wine is still the purpose of great part of Biobío’s wine production, although for several years, different wineries are opting for a higher quality wine.


Among the wineries that in recent years have opted for high-quality wines are VinSur, Don Francisco or Carpe Diem. These wine businesses together with other wineries included in the designation of origin Valle del Biobío are also opting for the implementation of wine routes with the aim of activate a touristic circuit in the province for wine lovers. Therefore, among the activities that visitors can make are cycling tours or horse riding crossing the vineyards of wineries such as Veranda or Agustinos, in which some of the produced wines can be tasted. Viña Cañata used to boast the southernmost winery in the world.


The Biobío province gathers different interesting places for visitors and tourist who visit the province. This province is famous for its magnificent ski slopes in the winter season, the pleasant beaches, the coves during the summer months and its great charms such as the Salto del Laja or the Wellness centre of Quillón with thousands of visitors year after year.

Other attractions within the province are natural or landscaped. One of the most visited is El Manco Lagoon, a natural space that stands out thank to its clear waters and the vegetation and fauna that surround it. It isn’t easily accessible; therefore, it is a route only appropriate for experienced or enthusiasts with experience in hiking or trekking. The best season to visit this lagoon is from November to the beginning of the first snows of the province. Another of the lagoons that receives more visits in the province is the known as El Barco, close to the Andes.

In the Biobío province we find plenty of activities that attract adventure sports enthusiasts. One of the newest in this Chilean area is rafting, sailing following the course of a river.

Nonguén National Reserve, inaugurated in 2009 and with more than 3,000 hectares with abundant flora and fauna species, including various endangered animal and plant species, such as deciduous forests. Among the endangered animal species that are found in Nonguén are the pudú, a deer typical of the Andes and the one known as "monito de monte".

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Rimontgó Wineries

Rimontgó Wineries

Rimontgó Wineries, has more than a decade of experience in selling wineries in Spain and has a small but complete team of experts including an oenologist, an agricultural engineer, people trained in winery management and export managers of large winery groups, who have accumulated invaluable experience in selling wineries, and also in the analysis and assessment of soils, vineyards, facilities, machinery, in the techniques of winemaking and its national marketing or export.

Rimontgó Wineries is part of Rimontgó, a family business founded in 1959 in Jávea, specialised in offering quality real estate services to clients all over the world. It has the best selection of luxury properties for sale, mainly in Valencia and the Costa Blanca, as well as other investment assets in the main Spanish cities.

With a marked international character, both in terms of its clientele and its scope, Rimontgó has a renowned reputation in its sector. Rimontgó is recognised by its clients and by its colleagues as an honest, professional company with ethical principles demonstrated for more than 60 years, which makes its experience and dedication to the client the basis of an excellent service.

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