There are a good number of wine regions in the world that do not have the prominence they deserve. Selfishly speaking, this is perhaps for the best, otherwise their prices would skyrocket and tourists would destroy the tranquillity of many of them. The Jura is one of them. A haven of peace, it occupies a small area in the east of France and its vineyards barely exceed 2,000 hectares.

The climate in the Jura is semi-continental, similar to that of Burgundy, Alsace or Champagne, so winters are very cold and summers are hot. Six appellations of origin are based on its soils, which are predominantly marl. Four are geographical: AOC Côtes du Jura, AOC Arbois (with the possibility of AOC Arbois-Pupillin), AOC L’Etoile and AOC Château-Chalon. The other two correspond to specific wine styles: AOC Crémant du Jura and AOC Macvin du Jura. In addition, within the different geographical AOCs, wines can be produced in specific styles that have their own rules, such as vin jaune (yellow wine) and vin de paille (straw wine).

The AOCs (appellation d’origine) of the Jura authorise five main grape varieties. The whites savagnin and chardonnay, and the reds poulsard, trousseau and pinot noir. All of them make excellent wines, both single varietals and blends.

I visited the Jura in April 2017, I haven’t been back since then and I think I’m taking my time to return. I have excellent memories of that trip. A lovely walk through the vineyards of Arbois, under grey and threatening skies, but which respected us along the way. A charming little mansion in Salins-les-Bains, which served as our abode during the trip. Or a superb dinner and wine at “Le Grapiot” (Pupillin). However, if I had to choose a wine moment, it was undoubtedly the meeting with Pierre Overnoy, in which, perhaps, the least important thing was his wines, but rather sharing the wisdom of one of the winegrowers who has made the word WINE great. By the way, he didn’t give us a bottle of wine, but he did give us a delicious loaf of bread that he himself bakes. Moments like the ones we experienced that afternoon, in which we almost left forgetting our friend Vicente, only increase my passion for the world of wine.

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