The Spanish blind tasting Championship 2023

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, the fourth edition of the Spanish Blind Tasting Championship will take place at the Gramona winery, in the heart of Penedés. The championship, organized by Daniel Monsonís (Eclèctic Vins), José Luis Arangunde (Ribeira de Fefiñans) and Philippe Cesco (Arrabal 18), will classify the winning team for the Blind Tasting World Cup organized by the Revue du Vin de France publication, this year at Château Sainte Roseline, in Provence, on Saturday, October 14.

The number of teams that will participate will be twenty-seven. Each of them will be made up of a minimum of three and a maximum of four tasters. There will be eight wines to taste, and they can be from anywhere in the world. The duration of the championship will be 95 minutes, ten minutes per wine, plus another fifteen for final reflections. The maximum score that can be obtained in each wine is 26 points, these being the evaluation criteria:

Main variety: 10 points

Country: 3 points.

Appeal/D.O.: 5 points.

Producer: 5 points.

Add: 3 points for add/Add before or after 1 point.

The first three classified will receive a set of wines and a set of Spiegelau Definition range products. The champion team, in addition to representing Spain in the World Championship, will also have guaranteed access to the next edition of the Spanish Championship as defending champions. In addition, all participants will receive, as a gift, a set of two glasses from the Spiegelau Definition range, identical to those that will be used for the Championship and will have access to all the events scheduled throughout the day.

As it could not be otherwise, I will be there with my team, Terroir a Ciegas, with the intention of achieving our second championship and repeat participation in the World Cup to surpass the bronze medal that we achieved in Avignon, in 2021. Of course The challenge is not easy. In Spain we have great tasters, but in this competition your biggest rival is yourself. If you don’t hit wines and don’t add points, you don’t have to do anything. Knowledge, study, rapport, inspiration and luck are the keys to victory. On Saturday morning, before leaving the house and heading towards Gramona, we will open a champagne, toast and shout our battle cry.

Alea Jacta est!

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