Un viaje constante (parte 1)

A constant journery (I)

Wine is a constant journey and the glass is the transport that allows us to travel to any part of the world. However, for the trip to be complete, it is necessary to have been physically at the destination. Soak up its landscapes, its soil, its climate, its aromas, its traditions, its people…, in short, soak up the key word, terroir. This will allow us, when we bring a glass of wine to our lips at home, we can travel, again and with full awareness, to the place we are drinking, and vice versa, drink the place we have traveled to. Isn’t it lucky to travel, travel and travel so many times to those places we love and to which we would like to return regularly?

To do this, you have to start at the beginning: travel, in the literal sense of the word. As simple and pleasant as taking the suitcase and moving, in situ, to the different wine regions of the world. Let’s start with the ones that are most accessible to us and then we will expand the radius of action. Let’s not stay in our community, or in our country, or even in our continent, let’s travel around the world!

The vast majority of people love to travel and we usually do it on vacation. The wine regions allow us to enjoy those carefree moments, both alone, with family or with friends, with the incentive that, in addition, we are going to soak up a wine culture and some places that we will return to every time we drink one. glass of wine from the area visited.

Like any trip, enjoyment begins with preparation. We must know what we want to visit, which producers we want to meet and what we want to drink. Tracing this route will make it much easier for us to achieve the objective. Let’s not leave what concerns wine to chance because, although in the world of wine the best moments are unforeseen, it is not convenient to leave everything to chance. So, after this brief introduction, let’s start packing.

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