viaje constante 2

A constant journey (II)

Throughout my life, I have been to many wine-producing areas, not all of them, since I have a large part of the New World pending, especially Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa, but I do know practically all of them. areas of Spain, most of Europe, and also Napa and Sonoma, in California. The conclusion is that all of them have a special charm that is marked by respect for their flagship product. Also, I don’t know of any unattractive wine area, as there are always numerous tourist possibilities, in addition to wine. Of course, there are more beautiful and interesting areas than others, as is the case with cities or countries, but, without a doubt, all of them have magic.

The landscape of a wine region never disappoints, as the interest is not confined exclusively to nature or the beauty of the towns, but rather we have many other interesting options. There is tradition, culture, gastronomy, life and an aroma that transcends those of wine. As icing on the cake, photography lovers, a group to which I also belong, enjoy one thing as much as the other, which is why the wine-producing areas become our perfect destinations.

Like any trip, enjoyment begins with preparation. We must know what we want to visit, which producers we want to meet and what we want to drink. Drawing up this planning will make it much easier for us to meet the objective. Let’s not leave everything concerning wine to chance because, although in this world the best moments are the unforeseen, it is always convenient to have a road map.

The ideal is to travel out of high season, if possible, avoiding the dates of the summer holidays. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, so we must adapt to the time we have. If possible, I recommend short excursions, two or three days, with friends who share the same passion for wine. Those trips mark a before and after. Friendship, passion, enjoyment, learning… is there anything better?

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