La temperatura de los vinos blancos

Absurd trends: The temperature of white wines.

White wines accumulate a good and unfair string of absurd clichés. One of the most typical is the temperature of its consumption. There are many who assert that the whites should be cold when served, even the more, the better. In particular, I consider such a statement as sacrilege.

Obviously, sparkling wines and white wines should be drunk at a lower temperature than reds, of course, because each type of wine has an optimum drinking temperature. However, the fact that a wine is white does not make it a mere soft drink or that its serving temperature should border on freezing. The advisable one is between six and ten degrees, for the youngest wines, and up to twelve if they have a certain complexity. However, each wine has its own characteristics and, sometimes, the established rules either do not work, or they have to be broken.

A white for an aperitif is not the same as one to enjoy a turbot, a chicken, a vegetable dish, a pasta or a potato omelette. The possibilities that we can find in a white wine are endless, as many as moments or types of food. Let’s remember that our planet is round like a grape, which implies the existence of an endless number of terroirs that allow us to travel sensorially around the world. But neither all the moments nor all the meals can be enjoyed at the same temperature and even less that this is especially low, it would be nonsense.

Let’s learn to value what we have in the glass, to extract its nuances, its aromas, its texture, its delicacy, regardless of the wine we are drinking, but with the awareness that each type of wine needs a temperature so that the enjoyment of the drink and food is the maximum.

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