Edad del Vino

The age of wine

Wine is late. At least more than beer or other alcohols. In my opinion, the reason is that young people start drinking alcohol to look for an inhibitor that gives them a moment of pleasure in their teenage sprees. Alcohols that are cheap and easy to consume, such as beer and distillates from the supermarket, against which the wine sector cannot compete.

The language and the stagnant vision that, traditionally, has surrounded the world of wine, does not help either. I am aware. It seems that it is a product destined for an elitist, sophisticated and complex world, when it is not like that at all, but I recognize that it can give that feeling. Despite this, I think that it is becoming a closer product. Fairs, their presence at parties, fun tastings, contests, trips, are helping to make that distance of yesteryear less and less.

In any case, wine, as a devotion, is reached in adulthood, especially the one I refer to in my various entries on this blog. Maturity leads us to seek the happiness of wine through a wine-growing area, its soils, its climate and its traditions. It is true that money influences and that when you start to earn it is more feasible to enter this world.

Over the years, life is seen with another perspective and with it the form of enjoyment. We become more exquisite, having experienced many sensations. The pleasures are more subtle. Happiness is reduced to moments, people and concrete experiences. Sensitivity develops and plays a key role. And it is in this set of parameters where the subtlety of the wine finds its place and makes a dent.

At a particular level, I came late to this world, after thirty. However, since I did it, I have not stopped learning and investigating every day that passes, because it allows me to travel to a good number of landscapes and, above all, it is an inexhaustible source of pleasure, fun and happiness.

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