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The price of wine

Why are there cheap wines, others expensive and some have exorbitant prices? In general, is wine expensive? In my opinion, the words “expensive” or “cheap”, especially within the world of wine, are relative, not only because of the inexorable subjective aspect, but also because they must be linked to the quality that the product offers us. One wine can be worth a lot of money but be cheap, while another can be cheap but really expensive.

There are multiple factors that affect the price of wines. Obviously, the law of the market is always present, which is why certain areas or producers have higher prices than others, simply because of the demand and supply of their wines. To give some eloquent examples, Burgundy and Bordeaux are the most prestigious wine areas, so their prices will never be cheap. Something similar happens with the processors. We know that Domaine Romanee Conti and Petrus wines are worth a lot of money, as they are considered some of the best wines in the world. If we talk about Spain, to seek closeness, L’Ermita, by Álvaro Palacios, or Pingus, by Peter Sisseck, jump to four figures. The reason is the same, they are considered the best wines of our country.

Those who consider that some wines are too expensive can argue that the process is the same for all: a vineyard, a fermentation and a greater or lesser aging process before going on the market. Yes, it is true, but not all vineyards offer the same quality and, therefore, they cannot be worth the same. In addition, there are “small” viticulturists who work manually, which has a cost. And, in the end, the quality of a wine, even if the producer is not renowned, also has a value.

Wine has always been a speculative business. Certain producers, in a few years, become cult producers and the price of their wines skyrockets. For example, Pierre Overnoy or Clos Rougeard. Today its wines are worth about ten times what they cost a decade ago. So, whoever wants to take advantage of this business has to look for “bitcoin wines” that will appreciate in the future. Those of us who simply want to enjoy can only take advantage of the moment of these wines before their economic boom.

A curious case is that of champagne. This type of wine, a symbol of success, happiness and glamour, in my opinion, is still cheap. Along with Bordeaux and Burgundy, it is the most important wine reference, however the prices of its wines are, in general, much more affordable. Between thirty and sixty euros we have an infinite range of quality champagnes, something much more complex to achieve in its French neighbors. So, my advice is to buy champagne, the more the better, because at any moment it will go off. Those who want to invest will earn money, while those of us who want to enjoy will be able to do it at a reasonable price and we will drink to it.

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