Best wines to drink in summer

Best wines to drink in summer

During the summer, the increase in social relations or simply the relaxation of the summer holidays, favours us to quench our thirst with our favourite drink, wine. Leisure time allows us to delve deeper into the world, so we select more carefully the bottle we are going to open, we read about our favourite wines, we take an interest in the different wine regions, and we even travel to some of them. But which wines are the ideal ones to drink in summer? This question has as many answers as there are consumers. The subjective aspect is irrefutable. In my opinion, any great wine can -and should- be drunk at any time of the year, but, thinking about the generic moments of summer leisure, here are my preferences.

Faced with the heat, what I’m looking for is freshness, and for that nothing better than wines with good acidity. Of course, sparkling wines, preferably champagne, because when it comes to acidity, it takes pride of place, although cremants, corpinats and fresh cavas are also ideal for quenching thirst.

In still white wines, the parameter is similar, although with nuances. The cold areas of Europe guarantee acidity, although some of their wines have a volume and complexity that can detract from the desired freshness, as can be the case with some chardonnays. Rieslings and Grüner Veltliner are perfect for this purpose, and Chenin Blanc and Savagnin without veil are not bad options either. In Spain, Galician wines go exceptionally well with summer. Albariños, godellos, treixaduras, and other varieties of the area, are ideal, in addition to the fact that their sea pairings also guarantee the freshness we are looking for.

At first glance, red wines may lead us to think that they are heavier than sparkling or white wines, but this is not necessarily the case, as there are a good number of possibilities that will quench our thirst divinely. And here, I come back to Galicia. Atlantic wines are extremely fresh and tasty, as are Canary Island wines, thanks to the influence of the Atlantic. Garnachas from Gredos, mineral and red-fruited, and mencía, are also an excellent choice. Pinot noir and nebbiolo, even if they are considered serious, are indispensable during the summer, as are poulsard and trosseau.

From this point on, it is a question of choosing the bottles carefully, reading about the wines, taking an interest in the wine-growing areas and travelling to them. It is summer, a time for holidays, for enjoying family, friends, life and, therefore, wine.

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